We bring happiness to you and your loved ones through plant inspired plush pillows.

This is our story

Love for plushies

I grew up being surrounded by plushies that my dad bought for my mom every year as anniversary gifts. To my family and I, plushies were an expression of love, care, and thoughtfulness that brought happiness to our home. Eventually, I moved out from my parents' house but deep in my heart, my love for plushies never changed.

Love for plants

Fast forward to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. I started growing houseplants at home as a way to make my living space more vibrant. Learning how to take care of different plants was challenging at first but I quickly fell in love with the unique charm and characteristics that each plant had. 

Marry the two: plant and plushies

Then one day I realized, “What if I could make plushies inspired by plants?” I took out a pen and paper and started drawing a sketch of one of my favourite plants, the monstera plant, and that’s how Planty Plush was born!

Meet the founder

Confectioner image

Hi there!
Thank you for rooting for us. 

All of our products are designed by my sister and I, and we work closely with our partners to bring your love of plants to life. I hope that Planty Plush brings love and happiness to you and your loved ones, just like how it did for me and my family. 

Noa K.